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Wouldn't it be great if ordering research chemicals were as easy as buying a book? With the advent of electronic catalogues it already often is but only if you need one of the basic chemicals from a supplier with whom your organisation has a contract. But, what do you do if you need something more exotic? Finding a suitable supplier can be a long and frustrating chore. You might even prefer to synthesize the needed compound yourself, rather than wasting time searching and dealing with suppliers, but that effort detracts from your science.

MolPort recognizes the molecule search dilemma and offers you a solution.
Finding information about molecules is problematic in general because traditional search engines simply do not understand chemical structures. That is why we created a molecule search engine with a difference for the internet.

MolPort speaks the language of chemistry.
Not only does MolPort search know all about systematic chemical names, compound name synonyms, and more, but it also understands chemical structures. MolPort lets you draw or import a chemical structure or sub-structure using its built-in chemistry drawing package. It then searches the web, online databases, catalogues, and meta-catalogues for your target compound.

Logical results usually appear within seconds, giving you access to the IUPAC name, the CAS registry number if available, the generic name for your compound, and its molecular formula. The results also display, molecular weight, logP, logD, and pI as you would expect of a conventional chemical data sheet.

MolPort can find the molecules you need (we guarantee it) and provide you links to their suppliers' websites.
MolPort can also save you a negotiations headache by letting you request an offer for the products you need through its marketplace system.

Yes, you can buy all your chemical/molecule requirements through MolPort and it's so easy to get started.

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The process is simple you just identify the chemicals you need and forget about where you need to go to buy them. Whether it is 1 chemical or 96, MolPort will prepare an offer which you can accept or reject and then take care of all communications with the suppliers.
If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, MolPort lists the suppliers, their contact details, catalog numbers and often their prices.
As a research scientist, you are all too well aware that knowing that a supplier has a specific chemical in its catalog is usually only part of the job.

The MolPort Molecule Marketplace lets you find out whether the product is in stock, its current price, and when can it be delivered. MolPort provides all that information in one place thanks to its partnership with chemical suppliers across the world.

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