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About MolPort

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MolPort Inc. was established in 2006 and we are proud to see it becoming an internationally recognized compound sourcing platform. We offer a wide range of high-quality chemicals from reputable suppliers to scientists around the world.

From research in drug discovery to agrochemicals, food and nutrition and cosmetics, this Latvia-based company provides cost-effective management to ease compound procurement in laboratories—streamlining the overall research process considerably.

Expert customer service using our team of compound specialists complements our service for all your compound procurement needs. We collectively work from four countries and speak eight different languages, meaning we can communicate with our international customers with ease.

Our team is specialized in various different fields which all contribute to the service we provide. These include Organic Chemistry, Food Science, European Business Studies, Aerospace and many more. We value our broad range of knowledge and backgrounds and believe every individual in our team contributes to continually improve us as a company. Customer satisfaction is our priority and so we value each member of the team that makes this happen.

Our mission

Chemical sourcing made simple

Large amounts of time, cost, and effort are spent in laboratories when trying to find reliable suppliers of compounds and chemical building blocks and procuring them. MolPort was created to take responsibility for both sourcing and procurement, accelerating drug discovery by helping scientists focus on their important research. We assure reliable sourcing of hundreds and thousands of compounds from many trustworthy suppliers, helping scientists in industry, academia, and government institutions worldwide get their compounds in the most cost-effective way and in the format of their choice.

More About Sourcing

The best suppliers, all in one place

Containing a catalog of all the major chemical suppliers in the world, MolPort was created to provide a consolidated online database for easy and efficient order fulfillment. Offering 100 million SKUs and updated regularly, it is one of the largest databases in Europe catering to drug discovery and consists of commercially available screening compounds, building blocks and virtual compounds. With MolPort’s advanced algorithms in place, we can track compounds when ordered and monitor how well suppliers fulfill your orders. Based on these statistics, we suggest the best way to order compounds such that you receive them at the time and in the format you require.

A comprehensive service to source compounds

Order and locate compounds with ease. MolPort's advanced structure/substructure search tools help you find the specific compounds and analogues you need. Our powerful compound list searches make for easy sourcing of large numbers of compounds for drug screening applications and offer contingency plans if any compounds are currently not available—so your research is not delayed.

In addition, avoid juggling suppliers to obtain all the compounds you need. Simply place one order using our online platform and avoid the efforts of managing various suppliers yourself. Our dedicated team handles tasks such as:

  • Placing individual orders
  • Tracking shipments
  • Arranging clearance at customs for international orders
  • Negotiating and paying multiple invoice costs

We have also partnered with many world-leading companies to provide value-added services such as:

  • Providing reformatted samples customized to your requirements
  • Requesting quality control tests at independent laboratories
  • Arranging custom synthesis sourcing of both individual compounds and libraries

Our goal is to simplify the purchasing process for you and remove needless logistic and paperwork hurdles—use us for a centralized, one-stop shopping and ordering platform.

Our Services

Valued by customers

We value our customers, and they value us. That's why we always put their needs first and go above and beyond to provide customized support. We understand that every research project is different, and so try our utmost to ensure customers get what they need, and more.

"MolPort is an excellent site to order different compounds from various companies, that otherwise will take too long to search around. The prices are also very competitive. Their customer support is outstanding and dealt with my order the same day."
Dr. Konstantinos Beis, Imperial College London

Home-grown in Latvia

Latvia has always been known for its involvement in coal and fertilizer transit, but these often have human and environmental impacts. MolPort is helping to reshape the Latvian economy by driving forward expertise in the healthcare research industry through drug discovery services.

We enable scientists to improve their working efficiency through time and labor savings by easing the bottleneck of compound sourcing. As one of the largest online platforms in Europe for compound procurement, MolPort plays an important part in this growing healthcare research sector—becoming our own home-grown Latvian success story.


MolPort was featured in the Financial Times Top 1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2019 which is an annual list produced by one of the world's leading news organizations.

Meet our founder

Imants Zudans, CEO of MolPort, founded the company fifteen years ago. His expertise in Analytical Chemistry led him to see an opportunity to provide a service for researchers like him. "I experienced the beginning of e-commerce as a consumer and saw the change it brought to making purchases in various different sectors. However, there was a big contrast in the science sector, and how scientists were purchasing the compounds and products needed for research. While major online retailers were making next-day delivery a standard, across several country borders, the science sector was struggling to receive what they needed swiftly due ordering inefficiencies—they are lucky to get orders fulfilled within a week, let alone the next day. I wanted to build a world-leading service that bridged the gap between suppliers and customers to help researchers around the world working in drug discovery. Latvia has a rich history in chemistry and drug discovery and I am proud that MolPort can continue this tradition in the new digital and Internet era."

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