About Molport

Our Mission

We want to turn a complex, fragmented R&D chemical market into an easy-to-access, data-driven marketplace.

And make sourcing and receiving chemical samples & reagents as simple as shopping for everything else online.

Our Story

Every day scientists are in a race to discover and develop new drugs and deliver vital research.

And every day these 1.5m scientists across 100,000 organisations face the same two problems as they try to quickly and smoothly order the compounds they need to do this: a fragmented global market with ineffective search tools; and orders limited to the best-selling suppliers and their available compounds.

We solve both problems by providing a single intelligent platform to access the global compound marketplace and simple, smart ways to search, order and receive deliveries from it.

This centralised approach simplifies life for institutions, companies and scientists, saving valuable time, money and effort and accelerating important drug discovery. It also encourages greater diversity and availability of chemicals –by simplifying market access to smaller suppliers.

Source the compounds you need from Molport

Our Background

Born in Latvia, valued across the globe

Molport was launched in Latvia over 17 years ago and operates from Latvia and the US – serving international customers in over 70 countries.

Financial Times Top 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2019

Member of the Pistoia Alliance

"Imagine if buying chemical reagents and samples was as simple as booking a flight, buying a book or ordering a cab! At Molport we want to build a platform that does just that. A simple and easy-to-use platform that helps researchers and scientists who are racing to find new cures for diseases, smarter materials, or doing fundamental science - do business with innovative compound producers around the world."

Imants Zudans, CEO, Molport

Meet Our Team

Our team is specialised in many different fields which all contribute to the service we provide. These include Organic Chemistry, Food Science, European Business Studies, Aerospace and many more.

We value our broad range of knowledge and backgrounds and believe every individual contributes to continually improving us as a company. Customer satisfaction is our priority and so we value any member of the team who helps make this happen.

Imants Zudāns | CEO | Molport Imants Zudans CEO
Kristaps Boss | CFO | Molport Kristaps Boss CFO
Uldis Ledainis | Supplier Business Development Manager | Molport Uldis Ledainis Supplier Business Development Manager
Ieva Kluga | Head of Customer Experience | Molport Ieva Kluga Head of Customer Experience
Kristine Skulme | Head of Marketing | Molport Kristine Skulme Head of Marketing


Working at Molport

  • We innovate.
  • We experiment.
  • We adopt.

Our open culture makes everyone responsible for improving our service and supporting our customers better. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. This empowers our people to be proactive in suggesting and making changes, and vocal about their ideas and opinions.

Work at Molport

Jobs at Molport

MolPort is always open to new ideas and people who share our enthusiasm to constantly develop our service and support our customers. We are open to students, graduates, post-graduates, experts and scientists from different backgrounds, knowledge and experience.

If you don’t see a suitable vacancy you can submit your CV to jobs@molport.com referencing “Future vacancies” Molport guarantees the highest confidentiality to the content of the submitted CV’s.

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Projekta nosaukums: Apmācību īstenošana ārvalstu investoru piesaistei

Grantu finansējums: 10 017,02 €

Projekta numurs: LP3/2023/26

Līguma numurs ar LIAA: 5.3-8-L-2023/13

Projekta mērķis ir uzlabot darbinieku zināšanas, pārņemot labo praksi no pasaules vadošajiem ekspertiem.

Projekts tiek līdzfinansēts no darbības programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība" 1.2.2. specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Veicināt inovāciju ieviešanu komersantos" pasākuma "Atbalsts IKT un netehnoloģiskām apmācībām, kā arī apmācībām, lai sekmētu investoru piesaisti" un 13.1.6. specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Atveseļošanas pasākumi ekonomikas nozarē – nodarbināto apmācības (ERAF)" darbības "sīko (mikro), mazo, vidējo un lielo komersantu labās prakses pārņemšanas apmācības eksportspējas veicināšanai, pamatojoties uz komersantu vajadzībām".

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