Molport API History of Changes

12th January, 2024
Molport API has been update to version v.3.0.2. New features were introduced:
  1. Added supplier origin country name field.
  2. Added supplier origin country ISO field.
  3. Added supplier shipping country name field.
  4. Added supplier shipping country ISO field.

4th March, 2019
Molport API has been update to version v.3.0.1. New features were introduced:
  1. Chemical search in compound sets - added posibility to search in natural compounds.
  2. Added CURL example.
  3. Added API Key field for institutional organizations.

11th October, 2015
Molport API has been update to version v.3.0. New features were introduced:
  1. New interfaces implemented to allow to execute chemical search by SMILES. We support exact, similarity, substructure and superstructure chemical searches. Latest API documentation can be found here.
  2. Migration from XML to JSON data format.
  3. Updated Java and C# demo projects.
Release comments
JSON data format is much more friendly than XML - it is smaller, human readable and can now be used with all popular programming languages. To illustrate the beauty of JSON, below you can find the example of chemical search for structure CC(C)(C)OC(=O)N1CCCCCC1C(O)=O.


	"Search Type":6,
	"Maximum Search Time":60000,
	"Maximum Result Count":1000


	"Result": {
		"Status": 1,
		"Message": "Chemical search completed!"
	"Data": {
		"Molecules": [{
			"Id": 432,
			"Molport Id": "Molport-000-000-432",
			"Similarity Index": 0.0
		"Version": "v.1.0"

Please, visit to find necessary JSON serializers/deserializers.

8th August, 2013
Molport API v.2.0 initial release.

20th June, 2011
Molport Siple API v.1.0 initial release.

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