Catalogue Requirements

Here are the basic guidelines to help you prepare your product catalog for upload to the Molport database. We currently accept catalogs in Microsoft Excel Format, tab delimited text files or SDF files. No matter which format you choose, you need to provide a structure for each compound. We do not accept catalogs with product names or CAS numbers only.


In the Excel table enter the structure as SMILES string. Make sure that you draw the correct isomer of your product. If the product is a mixture or is sold in the salt form, specify all components and ions in the structure field (see example 1, example 2). Do not list in your catalog polymers or other specific products, such as derivative beads or other substrates. Our database does not support such products.

Catalog Data

Field Name Importance Field Type Description and Notes
Purity Required Decimal For exampole: 99.99
Purity_text Optional Text For example: >99.99%
Analysis_method Optional Text For example: GC-MS, NMR, HPLC-UV
Impurities Optional Text
Pack_size Required Decimal
Pack_unit Required Text Mass, volume or count unit. For example: ml, kg, mol
Price_EUR Required Decimal
Price_USD Required Decimal
Ship_days Required Integer Number of days typically required to process the order and transfer it to the courier.
Availability Required Text Pick a value that best describes your product: In stock, Made to order, Out of stock or Synthesis (new)
Product_name Optional Text Name by which the buyer will uniquely identify the product. For example, "L-Lactic acid, anhydrous, 98%"
Synonyms Optional Text Separate multiple synonyms with a semicolon. For example: "p-bromobenzaldehyde; 4-bromo-benzaldehyde". Do not add purity or other product specification - such information belongs only in the product name.
CAS_NR Optional Text In Excel, enclose the CAS number in square brackets. For example: [25487-66-5]. Make sure you provide the correct CAS number (e.g. do not enter CAS number of a salt if you are selling a free base). Only one CAS number per structure is acceptable.
Catalog_number Required Text
Description Optional Text Detailed description of the product.
Hazardous_shipping Optional Text Values: Yes or No

Full list of supported fields can be found here.

If you sell the same product in multiple packaging sizes, repeat Pack size, Pack unit, Price EUR and Price USD columns multiple times.

For example:

Field name Importance Field type Description and notes
Pack_size_1 Required Decimal
Pack_unit_1 Required Text Mass, volume or count unit. For example: ml, kg, micromol
Price_1_EUR Required Decimal
Price_1_USD Required Decimal
Pack_size_2 Required Decimal
Pack_unit_2 Required Text Mass, volume or count unit. For example: ml, kg, micromol
Price_2_ EUR Required Decimal
Price_2_USD Required Decimal

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