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Solubility Flags in the MolPort Database

In response to customer requests, MolPort is pleased to announce the addition of solubility flags to its online chemical sourcing database.

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Customers purchasing large numbers of screening compounds report that typically 1-5% of the samples they receive cannot be tested, because they are not sufficiently soluble in standard solvents. This wastes time and money, and delays the screening process. Several customers worked with MolPort to deposit their own observations of sample solubility for addition to the MolPort database, and to share them with other customers as part of a pre-competitive collaboration.

Customers can now use the solubility flags in individual records and via List Searches to avoid compounds with solubility issues and to focus on soluble compounds, thus avoiding insolubles and saving time and expense in screening programs.

What are the Solubility Flags?

All screening compounds in the MolPort database are coded with one of three possible flags:

  • Green symbol: the compound is reported as soluble in DMSO at concentrations of 10 mM or lower.
  • Red symbol: there are known solubility issues. Based on customer input, the compound was purchased and could not be dissolved in DMSO at 10 mM concentration. No other data or information is available.
  • n/a: not available, undefined - no solubility information is registered in the MolPort database.

How Can Customers Use the Solubility Flags?

Solubility flags are added to the MolPort database records, and customers can access and use them in several ways:

  • Each compound's solubility flag is displayed in its single molecule description.
  • Solubility flags are displayed in List Search results.
  • Customers can set solubility flags in List Searches to filter out compounds with registered solubility issues.
  • Solubility flags will be displayed in Microsoft Excel quotations.
  • Solubility flags will be added to the FTP database download files.

If you are interested in receiving a solubility database file, please request it via request button and you will receive it via email within five business days.

Request solubility database for download by filling in contact form:


How Can I Share my Solubility Data?

If you been collecting solubility observations on the screening compounds that you have purchased, we encourage you to donate them to MolPort so that they can be shared with other customers in a pre-competitive spirit that will save you all time and expense.

You can submit solubility information securely and confidentially via a simple Microsoft Excel template, which can be downloaded from here. Please fill in the requested fields and send the data to sales@molport.com.

All submitted data will be loaded in the MolPort database anonymously and will be made available to anyone.

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