IUPAC traditional


Molecular formula C18H22ClNO3
Molecular weight 335.83
DMSO solubility Unknown
SMILES COc1ccccc1CNCCc1cc(OC)c(Cl)cc1OC
Compound number Molport-009-199-045

Compliance Information

Country: Belgium, Law: BE Arrête royal reglementant certaines substances psychotropes, et relatif a la reduction des risques et a l'avis therapeutique
Country: Spain, Law: ES REAL DECRETO 2829/1.977, DE 6 DE OCTUBRE LISTA I
Country: Italy, Law: IT Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica del 9 ottobre 1990, n. 309 TABELLA I, IT Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica del 9 ottobre 1990, n. 309 TABELLA I
Country: Singapore, Law: SG Misuse of Drugs Act FIRST SCHEDULE Controlled Drugs
Country: China, Law: CN Regulations on the Control of Anesthetic and Psychoactive Drugs
Country: Global, Law: United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971 Schedule I
Country: Switzerland, Law: CH Swiss Controlled Substances Act (BetmVV-EDI) Narcotics List D
Country: Japan, Law: JP Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Act Article 2 (i) Separate Table 1 (2)
Country: United Kingdom, Law: UK The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 Schedule I
Country: Austria, Law: AT Suchtgiftverordnung Anhang V
Country: Netherlands, Law: NL Opiumwet 12 mei 1928 Lijst I
Country: France, Law: FR Arrête du 22 fevrier 1990 fixant la listedes substances classees comme stupefiants ANNEXE III
Country: Sweden, Law: SE Lakemedelsverkets foreskrifter om forteckningar over narkotika Forteckning I
Country: United States, Law: US Controlled Substance Act Schedule I
Country: United States, Law: US ARCOS NDC Dictionary File
Country: Germany, Law: DE Gesetz uber den Verkehr mit Betaubungsmitteln (Betaubungsmittelgesetz - BtMG) Anlage I
Country: United Kingdom, Law: UK Misuse of Drugs Act Part I Class A Drugs
Country: Canada, Law: CA Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Schedule III
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