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Our job is to find and deliver necessary chemical compounds to our clients. And the clients feedback is very important to achieve better quality of our services.

Here are only some comments from clients who made orders using MolPort sourcing service.

  I am very happy with your service especially as you are able to access quite rare reagents. My query was to confirm that we requested the best shipping option as the shipping costs are quite a large part of the invoice. MolPort shipping does indeed seem to be the best option.

  I tried a lot of suppliers to find the chemical I needed. Although they all had the chemical advertised, none had it available. I almost gave up searching for it. When I tried MolPort, they offered to search the chemical for me. Not only that they found it but they sold it to me at the same price that was quoted to them. I really appreciate their effort and I definitely recommend their services!

Cristian Brunchi, Delft University of Technology

  My student found on MolPort something he had been struggling to synthesize for cheaper than his starting materials.

Dr. G. Hutchison, University of Pittsburgh

  When reagents that we need are not available from our traditional suppliers, MolPort offers a possibility to find and order them from any company. They process customs for us and follow our strict government purchase procedures.

Dr. Pēteris Trapencieris, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

  MolPort is a flexible and easy to use search tool, provides me with resellers and data on chemicals around the world. When inquiring a chemical, MolPort staff make a huge work, finding the best price of the chemical in a great deal of suppliers and return urgently with the result.

Rune Larsen, BA vand, Denmark

  The structure search capabilities that are available on MolPort are the best we have seen for online databases. When the exact compound we want is not available, we can construct sophisticated search queries to find similar available structures.

Paul Finn, CEO, InhibOx

  The guys at MolPort do an excellent job, taking the lists of molecules we find from our virtual screening jobs and efficiently turning them into quotes for readily purchasable compounds.

Dr. G. Morris, Head of Computational Chemistry at Crysalin, Ltd.

  The right service for our needs. No more wasting time for custom documents, catalogues searching or provider contacting. We ask compounds, MolPort thinks to everything. Perfect.

Dr. G. Furlotti, Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Angelini

  I've come to know MolPort as a very trustworthy company and a highly flexible one with active staff that respect their clients and are extremely cooperative. They provide prices that are reasonable and affordable and I strongly recommend all the researchers out there to try dealing with MolPort.

Dr. A. Omar, Ass. Prof. of Medical Chemistry, King AbdulAziz University

  We started using MolPort when our other chemical suppliers were taking a long time getting back to us with quotes. In addition, MolPort offers excellent pricing and great customer service. Couldn't be happier!

  MolPort is the most convenient place I found to order specific, hard-to-find chemicals from. Delivery times are usually about 2 weeks.

Dr. Michael Rützler, Guest Scientist, Lund University

  I found MolPort when I was looking to re-source screening hit compounds. The MolPort website is very intuitive and makes it easy to search for exactly what you need or even similar related compounds. The ordering process is very easy and they take care of sourcing and shipping from multiple suppliers. MolPort is my first stop now for sourcing small molecules.

Dr. Nicholas Malmquist, Institut Pasteur

  I needed to acquire a small library of 150 diverse commercially available compounds that originated from a virtual screen. The job of ordering these would have been made far more time-consuming and expensive if I had needed to order one or two compounds from company X, a few more from company Y, and so on. MolPort were able to source all the required compounds for me and deliver them as a single library which made things much easier.

  I think MolPort is a great and reliable company. Our shipments have been succesful. I recommend this company for all chemicals.

Ana María Vásquez, Universidad de Antioquia

  When reagents that we need are not available from our traditional suppliers, MolPort offers a possibility to find and order them from any company. This make things very easy and convenient. I thank MolPort for reliable and efficient service.

Dr. Hagit Eldar-Finkelman, Tel Aviv University

  Our experience with MolPort is, that they provide excellent service. They supply a wide range of chemicals which are delivered in short time. Ordering is easy, and communication with MolPort is quick and efficient.

  I really recommend MolPort to order building blocks or screening compounds. You can perform an exhaustive search in several providers at the same time using the same criteria for the search. The search can be very flexible and includes substructure, superstructure and similarity searches. Then you can select the best option taking in account price of the items and delivery charge and time. Finally you perform a unique order of different items from different suppliers, saving time and optimizing the cost. We have been using MolPort to order compounds from 2013 and we are very pleased with the service and attention.

Patricia Gomez, Allinky Biopharma

  MolPort is an excellent site to order different compounds from various companies, that otherwise will take too long to search around. The prices are also very competitive. Their customer support is outstanding and dealt with my order the same day. The compounds arrived much quicker than the estimated time. I have used MolPort twice and I am planning to use the site for future orders.

Dr. Konstantinos Beis, Imperial College London

  It was a very good experience dealing with MolPort. I was able to purchase all the chemicals from one supplier. Customer service is reliable and responsive.

Sehrish Iftikhar, University of the Punjab

  I am a purchasing officer and I tried the 'Email shopping cart to colleague' feature and it did made the process phenominally easier and musch more accurate. Thank you so much for adding it to your website.

Kelly Adames, University of Alberta

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