Why start your year-end compound sourcing project now?

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we learned the hard way that circumstances can change (for the worse) very quickly. Suppliers found it difficult to ship orders, borders were closed, and logistics departments were struggling. So with this in mind, we invite you to use the summer to start to accelerate your year-end compound supply projects to minimize any risks of disruption.

Historically, we have often noticed that year-end projects tend to be larger, more complex, and more demanding of time and resources during the festive season. So we suggest that you start the first steps of your project now.

MolPort's service covers the full compound sourcing cycle, starting with regularly updated and reliable data for your research, available in several convenient ways (FTP database download, API programmatic access, Web-based search software). Then we support you in the optimum compound selection, based on your amount and purity criteria, budget, delivery deadlines, sample formats, etc. We are experienced experts in all aspects of sourcing, including all supplier communication, negotiations, and having your order delivered according to your requirements.

Please contact us with your compound sourcing plans as early as possible, and we will make sure that you receive great service and project fulfilment with the best possible terms - and beat the year-end rush.

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