Molport Guarantee

When you shop on the Molport website, you can do so with complete confidence knowing that you're backed by the Molport Guarantee.
Full details of the Guarantee are set out below.


The Molport Guarantee protects a buyer purchasing products on the Molport website where the payment for the products is made through Molport, and

  • the products are not delivered to the buyer (they are deemed to be undelivered if they are not received by the buyer within 30 days following the last due date for delivery);
  • or the products delivered to the buyer are materially different from the products ordered;
  • or the products delivered to the buyer are not of a satisfactory quality.

Molport will determine in its sole discretion - but taking into account any information and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the buyer and the seller - whether products delivered are "materially different from products ordered" and whether products delivered are of a "satisfactory quality".

Buyers do not need to return the products that are the subject of a claim under the Molport Guarantee.

Claim procedure

To make a claim under the Molport Guarantee, the buyer must inform Molport within the timeframes stated below

  • within 30 days after delivery was made;
  • or within 90 days after the date of your order being accepted

In order to make a claim, the buyer must write to Molport providing full details of the basis of the claim and providing any evidence the buyer has in support of the claim.
Should Molport request any additional information required for the determination of a claim, the buyer must provide such information promptly.Molport will inform the buyer of whether the claim is accepted within 30 days following the submission of all the information needed to determine the claim.


Molport will refund the buyer the full price paid to Molport for the products (including Molport fees and taxes but excluding import duties). The maximum refund in relation to any order is US $2000.

Exclusions and Limitations

A buyer may not invoke the Molport Guarantee on more than 3 occasions in total.If you purchase products that are Fulfilled by Molport, this Molport Guarantee will not apply, and your remedies will be governed by the Molport Terms of Sale and Supply

Version 2.0, May 2nd 2023

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