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MolPort.com Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

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We have set out in this FAQ answers to some of the more common questions concerning the way MolPort works.

This FAQ does not affect the legal relationship between MolPort and website users, buyers and sellers. Those legal relationships are governed by the Terms of Use.

What is the buyer's role in a transaction?

The first stage in any product purchase via our website is a request for a quote from a buyer. In order to request a quote, the buyer must be registered with the website. Quotes must include requested delivery dates.

Note that from time to time the buyer (for these purposes) may be MolPort itself.

For more information, see clause 7 of the Terms of Use.

What is the seller's role?

Sellers provide information about the products and supplies on our website. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

After the buyer has issued a request for products, the seller may issue a quotation for the supply of those products. We ask that sellers respond promptly to requests for quotes and acceptance of quotes.

For more information, see clauses 6, 7 and 8 of the Terms of Use.

What legal terms govern the relationship between buyers and sellers?

The legal terms governing the relationship between buyers and sellers should be agreed upon between them. These legal terms are referred to in our Terms of Use as the "Seller Terms" (because they will usually be the seller's standard terms of business).

Under our Terms of Use, certain minimum standards apply to the "Seller Terms". Buyers should note that the contractual obligation to meet these minimum standards is owed to MolPort, not the buyer, and accordingly buyers do not have any right to enforce these provisions. Buyers must, therefore, take steps to ensure that the terms and conditions upon which sellers supply products are reasonably acceptable to them.

For more information, see clause 9 of the Terms of Use.

At what point do seller/buyer contracts come into force?

In most cases, a contract between the seller and the buyer for the sale and purchase of the relevant products will come into force if (and only if) we notify the buyer that the order will be filled and we receive full payment from the buyer under the contract.

For more information, see clause 7 of the Terms of Use.

What is MolPort's role?

We provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers, and act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

We will advertise seller product catalogues on our website.

We will pass on requests for quotes issued by buyers to sellers; we will pass on quote acceptances from sellers to buyers where appropriate; and we will pass on other communications between sellers and buyers where appropriate.

In consideration for the payment of MolPort's fees, MolPort provides a payment processing service to sellers. Except for our limited role in processing payments, we are not involved in any underlying transaction between buyers and sellers in any way.

We are not party to the sale or purchase of products sold via the website, and accordingly we will not be liable to any person in relation to the offer for the sale or purchase of any products via the website.

For more information, see clauses 7 to 11 and 14.7 of the Terms of Use.

What fees are payable to MolPort?

The usual MolPort fee is 15% of the price payable under a contract of sale between the buyer and seller.

From time to time, however, MolPort may notify the seller (before the buyer and seller enter into a contract) that a different rate will apply.

The MolPort fee is payable by the seller, not the buyer. In practice, it will usually be deducted by MolPort directly from the price paid by the buyer.

For more information, see clause 11 of the Terms of Use.

Who issues invoices?

The seller will issue an invoice to the buyer with respect to the price payable under any contract of supply (although the price will be paid to MolPort which will provide payment processing services to the seller in relation to sales.)

MolPort will issue an invoice to the seller with respect to MolPort's fees payable upon closing a sale. MolPort will deduct the amount of its fee from the contract price paid by the buyer to MolPort.

For more information, see clauses 10 and 11 of the Terms of Use.

Who pays the applicable taxes on a transaction?

It is the responsibility of buyers and sellers to determine whether value added taxes, sales taxes, or other taxes apply to their transactions and to collect, report, and remit any such tax to the appropriate tax authorities.

Under the minimum contractual terms set out in our Terms of Use, customs fees, import duties and similar amounts will usually be paid by the buyer.

MolPort will charge VAT upon the MolPort fees in appropriate cases. This will be payable by the seller.

For more information, see clauses 9 and 10 of the Terms of Use.

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