MolPort available compound database

For your convenience, we divided the database download into following libraries:

1. All stock compounds:

  • Screening compounds
  • Building blocks

2. Made-to-order compounds


All stock compounds:

  • FTP folder name: "All Stock Compounds"
  • File names start with: "IIS"

In stock compound library includes screening compound and building block subsets.

All stock screening compounds:

  • FTP folder name: "Screening Compounds"
  • File names start with: "IISSC"

Subset of "All stock compounds" containing data about all available screening compounds. Screening compounds are usually available in milligram quantity (up to about 1 gram) and they may not be as well characterized as building blocks. Commonalty screening compound purity is 90 to 95 percent.

All stock building blocks:

  • FTP folder name: "Building Blocks"
  • File names start with: "IISBB"

Subset of "All stock compounds" containing data about all available building blocks. Building blocks are usually available in larger quantity than screening compounds, they may be more pure or better characterized and their lead time is shorter.

Made-To-Order compounds:

  • FTP folder name: "Made To Order"
  • File names start with: "V"

Made-To-Order compounds are new, currently not in stock compounds that can be made with approximately 80% success rate in 4 to 6 weeks. This collection does not contain compounds found in our stock compounds collection.

Library files and content

Each library contains:

  • archived SDF files with compound structures, MolPort IDs and web link to compounds MolPort page;
  • archived TXT file with compounds SMILES and MolPort IDs (located in subfolder "SMILES");
  • archived SDF file with compounds added since the previous database export (located in subfolder "Changed Since Previous Update");
  • archived TXT file with MolPort IDs that are removed from collection since previous database export (located in subfolder "Changed Since Previous Update").
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