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We understand lead discovery process. MolPort core expertise is compound sourcing.
Use our extra services to simplify and speed up getting the right compounds in the
right format to the right place.






Customized SourcingCustomized

Customized Sourcing

Fully customize your desired quote. We will prepare an offer for you in one to three business days, depending on its complexity.

Text SearchText Search

Text Search

Search for a single compound by name, MolPort ID, CAS number, InChI Key, etc.

Structure SearchStructure

Structure Search

Draw or load saved structure to find exact match, substructure, or similar structure.

List SearchList Search

List Search

Search up to 5000 entries at once, use advanced filters, choose suppliers, download a quote or order directly online.



Transfer samples to standard tare (e.g. your company vials). Weigh exact required amount from supplier-provided larger pre-weighed quantity.

Sample SplittingSample Splitting

Sample Splitting

Order a larger amount of sample then take one fraction for making a solution, another for QC and get remaining in standardized tare. Deliver sample to multiple locations.



Receive ready for use solutions of your samples in tubes or plates.

Package Consolidation Package Consolidation

Package Consolidation

Ordering from many suppliers? Receive your order in one package with recorded data in your preferred format.

Documentation Documentation


Receive one standardized documentation for your desired bundle of suppliers.

Customs Clearance Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Stop wasting time on import formalities. Chose MolPort shipping or contact customer support to let us take care of customs clearance.

Order Tracking Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Review your order online in real-time at any given point of time, from placing the order until completed delivered.

Assays Assays


Test biological and pharmacological activity of your compounds.

Storage Sample Storage

Sample Storage

Store your project compounds or leftovers for any period of time.

Quality Control Independent Quality Control

Independent Quality Control

Request quality control tests (LCMS, NMR, GCMS, etc) at an independent laboratory.

Custom Libraries
and Filtering Custom Libraries and Filtering

Custom Libraries and Filtering

Filter our database based on your criteria to create a custom library of compounds.

Database Compound Database

Compound Database

Access 60+ suppliers, 7.6+ million stock compounds, direct prices, and updated stock information. PubChem ChemSpider Zinc Schrodinger

FTP Download FTP Download

FTP Download

Access our database via FTP download! Updated monthly and available as SD-Files and SMILES.

Web Services Web Services

Web Services

Pipeline Pilot, Knime, Excel, Schrödinger, MOE, StarDrop
Your Application
Cheminformatics Software Integrations Cheminformatics
Software Integrations

Cheminformatics Software Integrations

Integrate our up-to-date data into your software or workflow. Schrodinger MOE StarDrop

Designing, replenishing, or extending a large compound library can be a challenge. Specifying compounds, finding reliable suppliers, negotiating prices and delivery schedules, sorting out customs forms, and detailing packaging and sample formats all take time, effort, and expertise.

MolPort understands every stage of the compound acquisition process from first idea through supplier selection to sample delivery. It has been providing a trusted service to top pharma/biotech companies, drug design centres, and leading university chemical departments for over 13 years. MolPort's customers appreciate its advice and experience, and benefit from on-time, on-budget delivery of complete libraries of exactly-formatted samples.

MolPort's consolidated supplier database is reliable and up-to-date. Free data access tools, chemical intelligence (including salt handling, stereochemistry, and solubility), and flexible database download options enhance library design and compound selection. And MolPort's knowledge and experience of available suppliers means they can recommend the most suitable for any project, schedule, or budget.

MolPort and its partners can help with drug discovery projects of any size or complexity, and can bring deep expertise to support and enhance all or any of the stages in the compound acquisition lifecycle.

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