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Natural Products

Molport Natural compounds

Many active pharmaceutical compounds are natural products or derivatives of natural compounds, and it is estimated that some 40% of the drugs marketed today are derived from chemical structures found in nature. Well known examples include the anticancer agent paclitaxel (sold as Taxol), originally extracted from the Pacific yew tree; the heart medicine digoxin, extracted from the foxglove plant; and aspirin, derived from a precursor found in the leaves of the willow tree, and used for its health benefits for thousands of years. Typically, such natural compounds have better bioavailability than synthetic compounds.

In recent years there has been a revival in interest in exploring and testing natural compounds in lead discovery, as they often present a wide range of novel and exploitable structural motifs. Examples include the study of marine natural products as potential antimicrobial agents, and plant extracts as antifungal agents. There are many free and paid-access databases of natural products. These databases extract information from the scientific literature and other sources and they usually contain detailed information about each compound. However, such databases typically lack information about commercial sources of samples of these natural products, and lead discovery scientists are often frustrated by the low success rate of sourcing samples for screening.

S. O'Hagan and D.B. Kell at the University of Manchester recently published an interesting comparison of Molport and proprietary Natural Product database data, with the goal of creating available-to-purchase natural product diversity sets. In a follow up study authors selected a small library of Natural Products to cover chemical space inexpensively. Please contact us if you are considering purchasing this or a similar natural product set, as we can provide a unique offer to meet your needs.

Another very topical application of in silico techniques to the Molport natural products database is described in a paper published by two Egyptian academic groups. In the search for potential therapeutics active against Covid-19, they searched the Molport database for possible inhibitors of the main SARS-CoV-2 protease. They first screened and filtered the database using molecular docking techniques to locate 5000 potential leads. These were then processed by molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and molecular mechanics (MM) binding energy calculations. Combined MD/MM calculations revealed nine potent NLPs in the Molport database with promising binding affinities and suitable drug-likeness characteristics. This shows the value of exploring Molport's database of available, diverse natural and natural-like products as a source of potential therapeutic agents to address critical unmet medical needs.

Natural Product Classification

Upon our request, suppliers classified their natural and natural-like products according to the following ranked classification rules:

Category Abbreviation Description
Naturally sourced NS Sample isolated from a natural source
Genuine natural GN Compound occurs in nature, but the specific product may have been produced synthetically
Natural compound derivatives ND Compound is a derivative of a GN
Natural-like NL Mimetics or analogs

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You will find Natural compounds in the 'Natural Products' folder in SDfiles and SMILES formats. Both formats contain the compound structure, the MolPort ID, an identifier for the highest potential class of natural compound, class description, and a link to the dedicated molecule page on our website.

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Suppliers Offering Natural and Natural-like Compounds

The following suppliers have already provided their data for natural products classification:

# Supplier Name Number of Products
1. InterBioScreen Ltd. 66,798
2. AnalytiCon Discovery, GmbH 30,322
3. ChemDiv, Inc. 18,497
4. ChemFaces 5,149
5. BioBioPha 3,146
6. Life Chemicals Inc. 2,593
7. Cayman Europe 2,232
8. Otava, Ltd. 1,997
9. Specs 763
10. HTS Biochemie Innovationen 429
12. Alinda Chemical, Ltd. 200
13. BIONET/Key Organics Ltd. 183
14. EDASA Scientific 134
15. Ramidus AB 105

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