New Stock Compounds (2023)

Explore our latest collection of chemical compounds, carefully curated and available for your research needs.

New Stock Compounds
89,000+ Screening Compounds and
15,000+ Building Blocks
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New Stock Compounds (2023)

Expand your compound collection

Are you looking to enhance your compound collection and stay at the forefront of scientific discovery? Look no further!

We are excited to offer you access to an extensive range of over 100,000 new, unique compounds that have been added to our database in 2023. These compounds are readily available for purchase, empowering researchers and professionals like you to drive innovation and make groundbreaking discoveries.

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More resources

Expansive collection of pre-calculated libraries

Choose from 1140 pre-calculated libraries thoughtfully selected from major suppliers, spanning over 30 distinctive types, to accelerate your drug discovery projects.

Avoid underestimating Q4 lead times

Given the increased volume of orders in December, we highly recommend placing your orders well in advance to ensure timely delivery.

Building blocks by functional groups

Directory of chemical building blocks that are commercially available and categorized by the functional groups present in those molecules.

Browse our latest compounds

Explore the wealth of new and unique compounds that Molport has to offer. Whether you're engaged in drug discovery, materials science, or any other field that relies on chemical compounds, you'll find a diverse range of options to advance your work.

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