MolPort, a Global Fine Chemicals Trading Portal, Chooses Swedbank Latvia for Online Credit Card Payment Processing

Press Release

20th January 2011 is a global trading platform for hundreds of suppliers selling over 8 millions of unique chemical compounds for research scientists. MolPort serves customers worldwide and has a global purchasing network. Global purchasing and sales network means MolPort has to do business in multitude of currencies simultaneously. That is why MolPort chose Swedbanks Latvia multicurrency account for credit card processing, which allows simultaneous handling of many currencies.
Multicurrency account helps the company manage all currencies simultaneously and from a single location. The card acquiring solution, in turn, provides a fully fledged international platform for transaction processing and enables expanding business beyond Latvia while ensuring direct connection with corporate customers based abroad.
Dr. Imants Zudans, CEO of MolPort, said: Global marketplace requires credit card processing solution that is geared for complexity of international purchasing and selling. Swedbanks multicurrency account has turned out to be excellent for international business.
Mr Daniils Rulovs, Member of the Board of Swedbank Latvia, Head of Corporate Banking Division: It is great to do business with a company that has won recognition among the industry professionals in Latvia and beyond. Swedbank strives to provide most relevant solutions for each of its customers, which makes us very pleased that MolPort has appreciated the banks solution  speed, ease of use, and the capacity to precisely target the specific needs of the customer, leading to greater speed and efficiency in processing the companys transactions.

About MolPort

Today millions of unique chemicals are made by thousands of companies and research institutions around the world. Most of them remain difficult to locate and buy and therefore are inaccessible to scientists. The information exchange is one of the biggest barriers: chemical compounds are described with chemical structures that tell how compounds atoms are connected, yet internet text search tools are inefficient for locating compound or the sellers catalogue. MolPorts has created smart text and graphical chemical structure search with a database of several million commercially available chemical compounds, aggregating catalogues of a large number of international suppliers and adding efficient and easy-to-use centralized marketplace, MolPort is a unique and global chemical compound marketplace for cost-efficient, centralized ordering of rare chemicals. By making available a large number of unique chemicals for easy search, ordering and delivery, scientists are able to focus their effort on new discoveries, instead of spending valuable time synthesizing chemical compounds that may have already been created elsewhere. The search portal,, features unsurpassed, advanced search capabilities for chemical structures that are geared exclusively for customers in the chemicals industry.

About Swedbank

Swedbank group has 9.5 million retail customers and 534 000 corporate customers, with 377 branches in Sweden and 224 branches in the Baltic countries. The Group is also present in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Kaliningrad, Luxembourg, Marbella, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Tokyo and Ukraine. As of March 2010 the Group had total assets of SEK 1890 billion and approximately 18,000 employees. Swedbank was founded in 1820, as Swedens first savings bank was established. Swedbanks vision is to be the leading financial institution in the markets where we are present. Our aim is to be the service leaders of our industry, and to make our customers everyday lives easier through a full range of easy-to-use and competitively priced financial services for private and corporate customers. By being at the frontier of product and service development, being easily accessible to all customers and providing excellent service, we aim to have the most satisfied customers in our industry.

Contact Details
Imants Zudans PhD

SIA MolPort
Lacplesa 41

Phone (USA): +1 215 717-7447
Phone (Europe): +371 67790398
Fax: +371 67801123

Contact Details
Kristine Jakubovska
Press Officer in Latvia
Phone: +37167444560

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