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MolPort Announces Data Integration with PubChem, the US National Institutes of Health's Repository of Biological Activities of Small Molecules

Press Release

23th July 2010

Today MolPort announces the incorporation of its structural data into PubChem, the US National Institutes of Healths database that curates biological activities of small molecules. MolPorts data in PubChem provide a link to its compound procurement module.
Today unique chemicals for specific, targeted applications are ordered far less frequently than basic building blocks and solvents. One of the reasons for that is the difficulty of finding and sourcing such molecules. This has led to a small, fragmented, localized and ineffective market which is a disincentive to suppliers to increase their catalog range. Contrary to that, an efficient search-and-order process will lead to increased sales, which will encourage suppliers to maintain, or even boost, their production of rare chemicals. Then scientists will save time, effort and money spent today in trying to synthesize these chemicals themselves.
In order to make the trade of rare chemicals more efficient, several steps have to be accomplished. Catalog information has to be aggregated from databases and internal procurement systems into a single place; search tools have to be capable of handling chemical names, structures, and unique identifiers; and ordering from every supplier has to be simple and easy.
MolPort recognizes these components for effective trading. When suppliers work with MolPort, their products will be found by as many scientists as possible. As recent announcements about MolPort data incorporation into ZINC and ChemSpider and its partnership with InhibOx show, MolPort is actively seeking new avenues and outlets where it can disseminate supplier catalog information..
PubChem is the latest of these avenues to be linked to MolPort. PubChem was established in 2004 as part of the NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative. It is a resource for finding chemical and bioactivity information on small chemical compounds. It also connects chemical information with biomedical research and clinical information through links to PubMed and other biomedical information resources at NIHs National Library of Medicine.
While PubChem lists some commercial sources for chemical compounds, it is primarily a research, not an ordering tool. MolPort offers a bridge between PubChem and chemical suppliers. MolPorts centralized ordering service for rare chemicals reduces to a minimum the chore of searching for a hard-to-find chemical and finding a supplier for it; for example, compounds from multiple suppliers can be obtained with a single order and invoice through MolPort.
MolPort is geared to be user-friendly because customers rate suppliers for their reliability and service. Researchers can review a list of potential suppliers and their performance before picking a supplier rated with the best customer service and placing orders with the chosen supplier. Suppliers also benefit from MolPorts services by having customers channeled to them through MolPorts comprehensive and up-to-date listings. By joining resources like PubChem, MolPort serves as a one-stop shop for researchers seeking rare chemicals and the suppliers distributing them.
MolPort CEO, Imants Zudans Ph.D. explains, "MolPort is set to solve key obstacles: we aggregate chemical supplier catalogs into a central searchable database and provide easy ordering service across hundreds of suppliers. Suppliers do not have to worry about complex catalog dissemination to countless research tools and specific data preparation for each of them. They can just integrate with MolPort and we will do the rest. Databases, such as PubChem, also benefit because their workload of updating supplier data is reduced by collaborating with partners such as, MolPort."

About MolPort

MolPort is a unique and global chemical compound marketplace for hassle free, centralized ordering of rare chemicals. MolPort has created a world-class database of commercially available chemical compounds. The free online search portal, www.molport.com, features unsurpassed, advanced search capabilities for chemical structures that are expressly geared for a sophisticated and demanding user.

Contact Details
Imants Zudans PhD

SIA MolPort
Lacplesa 41

E-mail: info@molport.com
Phone (USA): +1 215 717-7447
Phone (Europe): +371 67790398
Fax: +371 67801123

About PubChem

PubChem is a research tool for drug discovery hosted by the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The resource is organized as three interconnected databases: PubChem Substance, PubChem Compound, and PubChem BioAssay. PubChem also has a fast search tool for finding chemical structure similarities. PubChems records also link to other databases within NLM, such as PubMed and NCBIs 3D protein structure resource.

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