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MolPort Starts Fourth Year


Amazon.com made it easy to buy rare books. Travel reservations are now done on websites like Expedia.com. You don't limit your travel by availability of hotel rooms in a single hotel chain or by where a particular airline flies. So why limit your chemical search to just one or two suppliers?
There are millions of commercially available chemicals sold by thousands of companies, but how to find and order them easily? The solution is an Amazon type marketplace for chemicals: a database, where catalogs of all suppliers are collected; search tools are provided that are specifically developed for searching molecules; and a practical centralized ordering system for these chemicals is available.
MolPort has built this molecule marketplace of the future. We want to share our accomplishments, plans, and special news with our users, partners and supporters; therefore we are starting a newsletter. In this first edition we summarize some of our 2009 accomplishments.

In this newsletter:

  • Improved search capabilities
  • One of the leading free access chemical databases
  • Endorsed by experts
  • MolPort and InhibOx (Oxford, UK) cooperate in drug discovery

Improved Search Capabilities

We offer for scientists the richest database structure search functionality on the Internet and it is constantly improving. For example, it is possible to specify position variation bonds. Many other sophisticated options are available.


We've also improved text search. A wide range of information is available on the Internet. However, standard web search tools are often inadequate for chemical searches. We have created an effective way to find websites, books and patents from text queries, driven by our powerful chemical searching capabilities. Molecules even have links to Google Scholar for easy literature search. Read more about structure search for the Internet.

One of the Leading Free Access Chemical Databases

Parallel to extending information available about each individual molecule, we have worked hard on database expansion. During 2009 the number of unique molecules in the MolPort database increased by one million to number 6.5 million molecules by the end of the year. The number of individual suppliers rose by 66% to over 200. Continued expansion has occurred through early 2010. MolPort focuses on providing the best possible and highest quality practical system for compound acquisition, with regular catalog updates and removal of redundant or inaccurate information.
View the supplier directory.

Endorsed by Experts

During 2009 we received praise from many experts in chemistry, IT, innovation and finance.
The European Union chose MolPort as one of the 40 EU information technology companies to participate in the EU Gateway program and represent the EU IT sector in Japan. We got a very strong interest from this country's well-developed and sophisticated pharmaceutical industry.
In the autumn MolPort chemical marketplace idea attracted interest of venture capitalists. Janis Oslejs represented the company at the prestigious Globe Forum 2009 and participated in the innovation contest. MolPort got a very honorable second place!
See Janis's final pitch of the idea on YouTube.

Cooperation with InhibOx (Oxford, UK) in Drug Discovery

In December MolPort announced deeper cooperation with the British company InhibOx. This chemical informatics company was established by Professor Graham Richards of Oxford University Chemistry Department. Prof. Richards is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of computer-aided drug design. InhibOx uses a powerful array of computer simulation technologies to predict which molecules have potential to become new candidate medicines. These calculations are particularly practical when commercially available molecules are used as input (to methods such as virtual screening) as scientists can then proceed quickly and cost-effectively to testing the best candidates in the lab. MolPort has become a partner in this important process. Through tight integration between the InhibOx and MolPort cheminformatics systems, candidate molecules predicted by the computational methods can be readily and rapidly supplied for screening by MolPort, further streamlining the process and better meeting customer needs.
Read more about this partnership.

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