Successful Partnership between MolPort and BioAscent reaches 100-project Milestone

Press Release

27th May 2020

MolPort Inc., the compound sourcing specialist, has announced the successful completion of 100 projects in partnership with BioAscent, a leading UK provider of integrated drug discovery services. Through their collaborative efforts, both companies significantly enhanced customer service by providing compounds in consistent formats and times, reducing variability, and simplifying the sourcing challenge for scientists world-wide. More...

MolPort Announces Addition of Solubility Information to its Online Chemical Sourcing Database

Press Release

12th November 2019

MolPort, the chemical sourcing experts, announces the addition of pre-competitively sourced solubility information to its comprehensive online chemical sourcing database. Its biopharma customers are able to immediately access and use the information to refine searches of commercially available screening compounds as required. "Our customers who order large numbers of diverse compounds for screening tell us that typically some 1-5% of the samples they receive cannot be tested, as they are not sufficiently soluble in standard solvents. This wastes time and money and delays the screening process. Our customers asked us for a way to avoid this and so we decided to incorporate solubility information into our database," said Imants Zudans, CEO at MolPort. More...

MolPort and Optibrium Collaborate to Improve Speed and Cost-Efficiency of Drug Discovery

Press Release

30th November 2016

CAMBRIDGE, UK and RIGA, LATVIA, 30 November, 2016 – Optibrium™, a developer of software for small molecule design and optimization, today announced a collaboration with MolPort, the provider of a comprehensive chemicals database, marketplace and order fulfillment platform. More...

MolPort, a global B2B marketplace, attracts late seed investment from FlyCap and Imprimatur Capital

Press Release

10th June 2015

MolPort, a Europe-based B2B e-commerce marketplace for R&D chemical compounds, has attracted a EUR 500K investment from VC funds FlyCap and Imprimatur Capital to fund international marketing and growth. More...

MolPort Launches a Next Generation Rare Chemical Online Shop

Press Release

16th April 2012

After all the work that moment has finally come – our new online shop is ready. More...

Scopius-CSpace v6 New Release - InhibOx's Leading 3D Structure Database of Available Chemicals Just Got 50% Bigger

Press Release

10th April 2012

Scopius-CSpace v6 new release - InhibOx’s leading 3D structure database of available chemicals just got 50% bigger. More...

MolPort, a Global Fine Chemicals Trading Portal, Chooses Swedbank Latvia for Online Credit Card Payment Processing

Press Release

20th January 2011 is a global trading platform for hundreds of suppliers selling over 8 millions of unique chemical compounds for research scientists. MolPort serves customers worldwide and has a global purchasing network. Global purchasing and sales network means MolPort has to do business in multitude of currencies simultaneously. That is why MolPort chose Swedbank’s Latvia multicurrency account for credit card processing, which allows simultaneous handling of many currencies. More...

Imprimatur Capital Seed Fund in Latvia invests in MolPort, a Global Fine Chemicals Trading Portal

Press Release

22th December 2011

The Imprimatur Capital Seed Fund in Latvia, with capital of EUR 3 million from the European Investment Fund’s JEREMIE programme, co-financed by EU Structural Funds, has signed an investment in SIA "MolPort" a fine chemicals e-commerce business. More...

MolPort Announces Data Integration with PubChem, the US National Institutes of Health's Repository of Biological Activities of Small Molecules

Press Release

23th July 2010

MolPort, a unique global marketplace for rare chemicals, has joined PubChem, a component of the NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative and a key resource for drug discovery, and offers an easy and effective pathway for finding and sourcing rare chemicals. More...

MolPort Announces Enhanced Compound Acquisition Facilities for Chemists Through Data Integration with ChemSpider

Press Release

15th July 2010

MolPort, a unique and global marketplace for rare chemicals, has integrated with ChemSpider to provide current information about the availability of rare chemicals and ease processes for compound purchase More...

MolPort Announces Data Integration with ZINC

Press Release

12th May 2010

MolPort, global rare research chemical marketplace, has integrated with ZINC, the leading free database of chemical compounds for virtual screening, to help scientists in drug discovery to accelerate testing of potential drug candidates. More...

MolPort Launches Chemical Supplier Review Website

Press Release

26th March 2010, the chemical marketplace, launches chemical supplier ratings library. This new site enables the accumulation of knowledge on the quality of suppliers of chemical molecules More...

MolPort Starts Fourth Year


MolPort has built this molecule marketplace of the future. We want to share our accomplishments, plans, and special news with our users, partners and supporters; therefore we are starting a newsletter. In this first edition we summarize some of our 2009 accomplishments. More...

InhibOx and Molport Join Forces to Deliver Integrated Lead Design and Delivery

Press Release

3rd December 2009, Oxford, UK

InhibOx Ltd (Oxford, UK) and MolPort Ltd (Riga, Latvia) announce a strategic partnership to deliver integration in library design and compound provision.

InhibOx, a leader in drug lead identification and library design software and service, uses breakthrough proprietary technology to offer an on-demand virtual screening capability which has demonstrated dramatically improved results over traditional high throughput screening methods. The company has partnered with MolPort, the innovative compound provision consolidator/specialist. More...

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