Over the years MolPort has succeeded in creating partnerships with various database suppliers as well as software partners. Here you can find out more.


ChemAxon provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemistry information in life science and other R&D. MolPort relays on ChemAxon technology to run our chemical database and the web structure query interface.


ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast access to over 58 million structures, properties, and associated information. MolPort ir supporting ChemSpider by providing it with our data on commercially available compounds . Read more on MolPort - ChemSpider press release.


PubChem, released in 2004, organized as three linked databases provides information on the biological activities of small molecules and provides fast chemical structure similarity search tool. MolPort is contributing to PubChem cause by providing data on commercially available compounds. Find out more here.


ZINC, a free database of commercially-available compounds for virtual screening.   ZINC contains over 35 million purchasable compounds, including all compounds purchasable via MolPort, in ready-to-dock, 3D formats. Read more on MolPort - ZINC press release.


ZINCPharmer is free  pharmacophore  search software for screening the purchasable subset of the ZINC database (updates occur monthly). MolPort is contributing to ZINPPharmer project by providing data and regular updates on commercially available compounds.


Optibrium provides elegant software solutions for small molecule design, optimization and data analysis. Optibrium’s StarDrop software suite has components to access MolPort data via web services. Find out on Optibrium - MolPort press release.

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