Simpler compound shopping.
From start to finish.

We use our rich market data and experience, extensive vetted supplier network, and intelligent systems to make global compound sourcing simpler for you.

An extensive vetted supplier network
Smart standardised systems and intelligent fulfilment
Experienced support and expert lab services
An established and trusted service - globally

Customers in 70+ countries

17 years

17 years of experience


Used by 9 out of 10 chemistry universities


Used by 9 out of top 20 pharmas

An extensive, reliable and fully-vetted supplier network

We know that right now it’s more important than ever that you can rely on our thorough vetting process – to make sure our suppliers are not under-sanction and able to fulfil your order. Molport will always provide alternative suppliers if any supplier faces unforeseen difficulties with your order.

A service you can trust

A secure supplier network – covered by contract

We make sure we have detailed contracts in place with all our suppliers. These cover everything from credibility checks to risk evaluation and shipping systems.

Transparent supplier lists and evaluation

We use different tiers to rank all suppliers visibly on reliability performance tracking: data catalogue, lead time and historic track record; as well as customer feedback.

Strong supplier relationships

We’ve built strong, established relationships with the most reliable and comprehensive suppliers - based on our extensive knowledge built over 15 years of business.

No fees, transparent prices & customised purchasing strategies

Never overpay for compounds - view and compare all the prices directly from suppliers – including shipping costs. We use our long experience and strong supplier relationships to optimise our purchasing approach to suit lead times, preferred suppliers, chemical specifications and more.

Transparent pricing with volume discounts

Our search & order tools integrate directly with suppliers to give you the best possible price – including any volume discounts they offer.

We keep all our fees simple

We simply charge customers for the price of compounds and shipping – we never mark up the supplier price or add fees.

Customised purchasing

For large purchases and library stocking we will negotiate on your behalf – using our in-depth stock and supplier knowledge to secure the best estimates.

Expert market insight and customised service and support

From 1-2-1 sales support for new customers, to expert advice and insight on complex, custom orders, we strive to support our customers at every stage.

Customised services and expertise

From specialised lab services to library acquisition projects – our expert team are here to help on everything from project scoping to risk management.

1-2-1 customer support

Our customer service team is here to support you – whatever your query - from sourcing through to delivery. Custom library projects are also given a dedicated sales manager.

Data-driven customisation of orders

A rich history of your order data and wider customer and supplier data – to help customise orders to suit your organisation and working practices.

  • We are regularly ordering via Molport for many years now and always experienced fast response to quote requests and high availability of compounds. The package consolidation option is a very valuable service that we always use as it saves us a lot of time.

    Head of Structure-Based Drug Design, Fraunhofer IME

  • Domainex's LeadBuilder virtual screening platform and FragmentBuilder, fragment screening platform, generates lists of in silico screening hits for our clients using the Molport library of available screening compounds. Our team frequently use, and recommend, Molport as a trusted supplier of screening compounds for our client projects.

    Dr. Ray Boffey, Executive Director of Medicines Research, Domainex Ltd

  • We are highly satisfied with quality and transparency of Molport's services and your attentiveness throughout the acquisition and delivery process.

    Head of Chemistry, Reverie Labs, Cambridge

  • Molport's customer service sets the industry standard. They're always quick to respond and they strive to make your experience as easy as possible. In addition, their prices are very competitive as well as their shipping turnaround. You can't go wrong with Molport.

    University of North Carolina, CICBDD, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Responsive, reliable and compliant ordering and fulfilment. Simple, flexible ordering with smart fulfilment you can trust.

Simple, online self-serve experience and flexile search – or easy access to our complete, up-to-date databases.
Flexible shipping options - consolidated or direct with order tracking - see where your order is at any point until delivery.
Smart consolidation of packing files, with single invoice, PO and parcel for your mixed orders – all fully monitored via our order tracking page

All from a service and team you can trust

Molport - team you can trust
  • We have 17 years of experience in the chemical compound supply business

  • We're members of a number of organisations including the Pistoia Alliance

  • We grade the reliability of all suppliers in tiers so it's transparent and visible

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