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Ready for Shipment in Just One Week

Molport ID Library name Type Compounds Cherry picking
MPL188N Pre-plated 3D-shaped Fragment Set 384w Fragments 4 724 Yes
MPL557E Pre-plated RNA Screening Library-384 well DNA/RNA related 3 300 Yes
MPL870D Pre-plated Antibacterial Screening Library 10880cmpds 96-well Antibacterials 10 880 Yes
MPL854B Pre-plated Kinase Diversity Screening Set 96-well Kinases 2 000 Yes
MPL037U 10k Pre Plated Diversity Set PS6-384well Diversity 10 000 Yes
MPL323X Pre-plated Cysteine Focused Covalent Inhibitor Library-96well Covalent Inhibitor Libraries 3 520 Yes
MPL678N 50k Pre Plated Diversity Set PS7-384well Diversity 50 000 Yes
MPL061M Pre-plated Fsp³-enriched Fragment Set 384w Fragments 1 600 Yes
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1,140 Pre-calculated Libraries
7 Major Suppliers
30+ Distinctive Types

Extensive Library Selection: Uncover, Compare, and Select with Ease

Discover a variety of compound libraries ranging from a few dozen to tens of thousands of compounds, catering to different research areas:

  • Diversity Sets (17)
  • Fragments (41)
  • Anti-cancer (47)
  • Bioactive compounds (30)
  • And 30+ other library categories

Get a detailed catalogue of libraries available on the market to compare and select the right compounds effortlessly.

Why Choose a Pre-calculated Library?

Expertly Curated

These libraries are curated by seasoned chemists ensuring a meaningful selection of compounds to expedite your discovery processes.

Ease of Access

The pre-calculated libraries are designed for immediate use, reducing the time between order and application in your projects.

Cherry-Picking Option

Tailor your library by selecting specific compounds that align with your project's goals.

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Customised solutions for library sourcing projects

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Navigating Your Options

Not sure which library aligns with your current project? Molport is here to guide you. Our adept team will assist you in choosing the right set that meets your budget, compound format and timeline constraints. Plus, a comprehensive Excel list of all available libraries is just a click away, providing you a bird's-eye view to make an informed decision.

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