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Independent Quality Control Service

Don't wait until you receive your compounds to run the QC tests.

Need QC test not supplied by the compound vendor, want extra assurance that the compound has not decomposed and is of specified purity? Obtain quality control tests done by an independent lab with your next order. We can run tests for you while your shipment will be in transit. You will receive your analysis at the same time as your compounds. You lose no time on QC analysis and pay fewer invoices. This is quality service simplified!

Note: An additional amount of sample is required: 10mg for NMR and 2mg for LCMS analysis. If you request both analyses, it is necessary to order a 12mg sample in addition to the base amount. When considering logistics and the QC tests, QC may add 1-5 extra business days.

What to expect:

    1. Place an order with MolPort, and request quality control testing for one or many compounds.
    2. Specify if you would like NMR, LC-MS or GC-MS.
    3. While your order is in transit to you the QC analysis is performed.
    4. You will receive the results at the same time or shortly after receipt of your compounds.

Service price per request is shown in the following chart. For larger numbers of compounds, please contact us.
Note: Extra sample (quantity) costs are not included in this QC service cost.

Sample count One analysis (e.g. LCMS/NMR/GCMS) Two analyses (e.g. LCMS/NMR/GCMS) Three analyses (All LCMS,NMR and GCMS)
1 to 10 49 USD/cpd 75 USD/cpd 95 USD/cpd
11 to 20 39 USD/cpd 62 USD/cpd 79 USD/cpd
21 to 50 34 USD/cpd 55 USD/cpd 70 USD/cpd
51 to 100 29 USD/cpd 49 USD/cpd 63 USD/cpd
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