Independent Quality Control Service

Don't wait until you receive your compounds to run the QC tests.

Need QC test not supplied by the compound vendor, want extra assurance that the compound has not decomposed and is of specified purity? Obtain quality control tests done by an independent lab with your next order. We can run tests for you while your shipment will be in transit. You will receive your analysis at the same time as your compounds. You lose no time on QC analysis and pay fewer invoices. This is quality service simplified!

What to expect:

    1. Place an order with MolPort, and request quality control testing for one or many compounds.
    2. Specify if you would like NMR, LC-MS or GC-MS.
    3. While your order is in transit to you the QC analysis is performed.
    4. You receive your order by mail, and the QC test documentation by email – at the same time.

Price per analysis is a flat fee. Contact us at for pricing.

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