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Screening Compound Sample Reformatting

As part of our full-cycle small compound sourcing services, MolPort provides reweighing and reformatting services.

MolPort chemical sample reformatting

18 compounds received from 6 suppliers

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MolPort chemical sample reformatting

From MolPort

Here are some common scenarios when reweighing services are used:

Transfer to standardized tare

When ordering from many suppliers, you receive your compounds in different size, type & labeled vials. We can transfer them to your pre-weighed vials or a range of other tares available from MolPort.

Sample splitting

Order a larger amount of sample, take an aliquot for making a solution for tests, another aliquot for QC and transfer the remaining sample to standardized tare. This service is also useful for consortia or internal orders, when sample needs to be delivered to multiple locations.


When you need fixed concentration DMSO (or other) solutions of your samples.


Precision weighing a specified amount of sample with a unifiedÔÇ»method and equipment for all compounds.

As robotic liquid handling methods have improved, smaller amounts of sample may be sufficient for your needs. However, you need to consider how the weighing accuracy may affect the results of your experiments. For example, the median molecular weight of a screening compound in MolPort database is 365 Daltons. To prepare 100 µL 10 mM solution of such typical compound a 0.365 mg sample is required. This is beyond capabilities of analytical balances sometimes used for such sample preparation. Please consult the table below for suitable balance choice.

Appropriate balance recommendations

Type of balances Readability Standard deviation Minimum weight*, 95% Minimum weight*, 90%
Analytical balances 0.01 mg 0.05 mg 2 mg 1 mg
Microbalances 0.001 mg 0.005 mg 0.2 mg 0.1 mg

* Minimum recommended weight according to USP guidelines for the corresponding desired accuracy.

Why to choose weighing with Microbalances?

  • When higher accuracy is required.
  • When the reweighted/reformatted quantity is less than 2mg.

Contact us for more information: sales@molport.com.

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