Screening Compound Database

MolPort maintains a database of commercially available screening compounds. We synchronize our database with supplier warehouse databases. This means our offer is available today in the quantity you need.

To build a good compound set for screening, it is best to already verify compound availability at the compound selection stage. Thus, if the compound is not available in the desired quantity, timeframe, or price, you can choose the next best hit.

There are several ways to access MolPort database:

1. MolPort Online portal

This engine leads you to the exact compound you are looking for. Price, lead time and supplier warehouse data are clearly listed on the website for stock compounds. The online portal is an easy way to verify compound availability and assemble a small to medium size order.

2. FTP download

Download the complete database in an SD file format and use it within your own cheminformatics software.

3. MolPort API

Access the latest compound availability data available to MolPort from your own application.

4. Public chemical databases

If you prefer to use a search engine other than MolPort, for your convenience our database is listed on ChemSpider, PubChem and ZINC.

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