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Yes, we can help you order your screening compounds. In fact, it is our speciality. Please, fill out the form below as completely as possible. The information in this form helps us better understand your requirements and handle any exceptions we encounter quicker. We will prepare an offer for you in one to three business days, depending on its complexity.


  • The requested isomer (where specified)
  • The requested isomer or a mixture of isomers
  • Mixture
  • Any isomer

Other Options
  • Can be a salt
  • Smaller amount is acceptable when full amount is not available, minimum quantity
  • Offer only compunds that are available within
  • Don't offer compounds that are more expensive than USD
  • Purity criterion

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Upload the Compound List

Please, provide the list of compounds. Currently we accept the following formats:

  • SDF files
  • Text, CSV or Excel tables with SMILES strings or database ID's (MolPort, ZINC PubChem)

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