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Compound Sourcing Services

Looking for a better way to order a set of screening compounds?

Need thousands of compounds formatted to your specification and ready for testing?
Search for a small set of novel compounds from every possible source?
Want to replenish the compound library at your institution?

MolPort can help you to get this job done quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience of sourcing compounds for leading universities,
pharmaceutical and biotech companies all around the world.

Without proper tools it can be a tiresome chore to order a set of screening compounds. Typical problems are:

  • Supplier selection is difficult as price, lead time and supplier reputation interact
  • It is difficult and time consuming to communicate with multiple vendors
  • Orders are delivered later than expected
  • Only a fraction of ordered compounds are delivered
  • Compounds are delivered in multiple shipments, thus complicating import
  • Paying multiple invoices is time consuming and adds to the compound cost bank fees too

Outsource compound sourcing and order management

  • We really know which compounds are available. We created a database of compounds that are really in stock and we work hard to maintain it up to date.
  • We have extensive experience in compound sourcing:
    • We know suppliers in this market and their capabilities
    • We understand client needs and can suggest the best solution for their individual requirements.
  • We work quickly. Even customized quotes are typically sent within 24 hours.
  • You will save money. Our supplier selection algorithms will find the most cost effective way of ordering and you will pay supplier direct prices.

One order


One package


One documentation

Want to test MolPort?

Do you want to test just how good the compound sourcing service is? If you already have a set of compounds you would like to purchase, there are three ways to proceed:

Customized quote

Fill out a simple quote request form and get a customized quote. Most requests are quoted within 24 hours!

MolPort online shop

The online shop is an easy way to verify compound availability (supplier warehouse inventory, lead time and price) and assemble a small to medium size order.

Compound sourcing list search

When your compound set is large and you need a more global view on the key parameters, the powerful screening compound List Search tool is the one to use. Instead of focusing on each compound individually, the List Search allows you to choose among several supplier selection algorithms, optimize your budget and customize filters until you select compounds the most optimal way for you.

Want a safe test?

If you recently ordered a set of compounds, get a quote from MolPort too and compare to your order!

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