Source high-quality, diverse screening compounds.

Take the complexity out of screening compounds sourcing. With up-to-date stock lists, wide and diverse product inventory and high purity compounds from well-vetted suppliers.

28 Global suppliers
4.8m+ Unique stock screening compounds
1bn Made To Order Screening compounds

In-depth supplier knowledge

Don't waste your time reaching out to long list of suppliers. Our long experience and strong supplier relationships allows us to offer competitive rates for both online and tailored projects.

Data reliability

Choose the right search method for you. From online search to full database access via FTP or API with transparent pricing and up-to-the-minute stock lists.

Expert lab services

Let your researchers focus on the science. Get the right samples, clearly marked and documented – ready for immediate use.

Leading online suppliers:

  • ChemBridge Corporation
  • ChemDiv, Inc.
  • Vitas M Chemical Limited
  • Life Chemicals Inc.
  • WuXi LabNetwork
  • Specs
  • Maybridge
  • AnalytiCon Discovery, GmbH
  • TimTec, LLC
  • Eximed

“​​MolPort is our trusted partner when it comes to the procurement of compounds for screening. They have consistently delivered compounds at a competitive price and with impressive timelines.”

Dr Sree Vadlamudi, Director of Business Development & Alliances, E-therapeutics

Find and purchase screening compounds via:

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