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Molport offers four powerful ways to search and order that perfectly match your specific workflow and project needs. All with responsive data-driven tools and transparent, up-to-the-minute stock lists.

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Access all Molport features. List search extended search, etc.

Search for compounds individually

Search for your compounds, check availability, or draw a structure to get a list of results. Then add to your cart and purchase online.

Search by name

Short on time? Check availability instantly with our text search. Search by SMLES, Molport ID, CAS Number, IUPAC traditional, name, supplier catalogue number

Draw & search

Create a list of specific compounds individually, based on exact chemical structure or substructure. Use to build advanced chemical queries and then check what is available when – and for how much.

SMILES and SMARTS search

Use SMILES and SMARTS to search by chemical name with chemical filters and an option to choose a database layer – full, all available, only SC or BB.

Search and order up to 10k screening compounds

LIST search

Already have a list of compounds? Search and order thousands compounds at once

When you have a list of compounds to buy and you need a more global view on the key parameters, use the powerful compound List Search tool. Instead of focusing on each compound individually, choose between several supplier selection algorithms, optimise your budget, and customise filters to select compounds the best way for you.

Filters available in list search:
  • Pricing options (e.g. maximum price per compound
  • Quantity ranges (e.g. required amount, acceptable amount, contingencies)
  • Lead times
  • Supplier selection (e.g. select preferred suppliers, order from the fewest)
  • Purity levels (e.g. required level, acceptable level)
  • Solubility status and Hazard status flags
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Access all Molport features. List search extended search, etc.

Custom orders and specialist sourcing

For large or specialist searches, or projects requiring our specialist lab services.

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Use this service when you need a comparative quote for a large search of up to 50,000 compounds; are doing a specialist, non-standard project; or require additional lab services.

Upload it to our team and we'll get back to you with availability and costs within 3 days.

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Pre-plated libraries

Perform simpler more effective searches with our single database of pre-calculated libraries – and special offers.

Pre-plated Libraries

Stock a library

Let our expert team manage your whole acquisition project – from defining the scope to procurement, formatting and fulfilment

Stock a library

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