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We think the old style R&D chemical sales are inefficient.

How do you order reagents?

If you sell chemical compounds, you probably know that at times it may be difficult to locate a supplier for a reagent you need. You may be searching for it by one name, while it is listed by a slightly different name in the supplier catalog (e.g. tert-butyl 4-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate vs. 1-Boc-4-methyl-piperazine. Searching by structure is more useful. But not all supplier websites offer structure search. Chemical databases such as ChemSpider and PubChem aggregate information on compounds and offer sophisticated search tools to find the compound that you need. Fortunately, databases list supplier names too.

Once you find sellers, to decide from which supplier you will order, you still need to contact suppliers (or visit their websites) and compare information on:

  • packing;
  • prices;
  • purity;
  • availability;
  • delivery time.

Naturally, you prefer working with trustable suppliers, trying an unknown supplier only for a non-critical project.

What if you need more than one compound?

In some research areas, scientists tend to order compounds in large sets – up to a hundred thousand compounds. Computational methods generate a hit list of 1000 compounds, and researchers want to test the activity of these compounds. Searching compounds one by one is not practical in such cases, of course.

Just a few years ago, scientists would contact suppliers to get quotes from them. But only the suppliers from their trusted list... Because it is impossible to effectively communicate with hundreds of suppliers.

As a result, scientists did not have access to all available unique compounds and building blocks. Companies were not selling their products to all possible clients, thus losing sales.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

MolPort compound marketplace

MolPort has made a compound and building block sourcing platform. Our advanced text and chemical structure engines find compounds (or their close analogs, if a direct match is not available) in over 40 supplier catalogs with one search. Scientists who shop for chemicals can add products from multiple suppliers to the same shopping cart, purchase them in one order, and get it in one shipment (formatted on plates, if necessary). And if they shop for a list of compounds, they can upload the list to MolPort website and work with it as a set, instead of searching one by one. All suppliers listed in MolPort database are verified.

Scientists are very satisfied with such an easy way to access catalogs of many suppliers. Read what MolPort customers say.

Why scientists use MolPort

  • Advanced online structure search – for in-depth search.
  • Associated chemical names, SMILES, InChI, CAS, ZINC, MDL and others popular IDs.
  • Web site shop – for anyone who needs to find and buy rare compound.
  • Multiple compound list search – for medicinal and computational chemists.
  • One downloadable file of all available compounds – for computational chemists and referral systems (ZINC, PubChem).
  • Web services – for access from corporate IT systems.

Why you should sell on MolPort

  • Thousands of scientists use MolPort to find suppliers for the compounds they need.
  • We build trust. When scientists encounter a new supplier, they do not know if they are trustworthy. With our satisfaction guarantee, we lower the risk of ordering from a new partner, or selling to a new client.
  • We guarantee actual information, delivery for the customer, and payment to the supplier.
  • Even if search did not yield any results, we provide our client with an analog – this could be your product!
  • We promote suppliers and compounds. We visit conferences and clients directly.

On MolPort platform we sell over 6 000 000 stock compounds, and over 400 000 building blocks from more than 40 suppliers. You, too, can sell your products through MolPort. There are no fees to list your products in our database.

Contact MolPort now to list your products!

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