Responsive, reliable and compliant fulfilment

You can count on Molport’s fulfilment expertise – from packing your compounds, to tracking your order.

Smart fulfilment and aggregation of orders

We use algorithms to scan historical and current data and match supplier timings and formats to your exact requirements.

Full logistics and customs clearance

with detailed expertise on different geographies, couriers, legal requirements etc. Includes flagging of controlled substances and hazardous products.

Intelligent standardisation of packing files

With a single invoice, PO and unified packing file for your mixed orders – all fully monitorable via our order tracking page

Flexible shipping options

Consolidate your order for simpler shipping

Every order comes with the option of direct shipping from the supplier warehouse or consolidated shipping from Molport. Choose consolidated shipping to avoid the complexity of receiving multiple packages from different countries at different times.

Consolidated shipping
great for larger orders from multiple suppliers

Avoid multiple shipments and the expense and complexity of lots of custom clearances. Molport will intelligently consolidate your files at our warehouse and take care of all logistics and customs documentation.

  • Single shipment from Molport EU warehouse
  • Single invoice, PO and parcel for your mixed orders
  • Customs clearance in EU and US

Direct shipping
Suitable for smaller orders

Receive smaller orders a bit faster with different shipments from each supplier you order from. You will need to handle customs forms yourself.

  • One shipment from each supplier warehouse
  • Few days quicker delivery
  • May require customs clearance for each shipment

Optional customs clearance

When rare or novel compounds are sold from outside your country, customs clearance is a necessity. For deliveries in the US and EU, we can also handle all the customs paperwork for you.

Plus: Add custom lab services when you need them

Receive your compounds exactly how you need them, with our flexible customisation options, including reformatting, relabelling and independent quality control. Simply use LIST SEARCH and add your required Lab services.

Explore lab services
Customized Molport laboratory services
Invoicing and documentation

One set of documentation, however many suppliers you use


An overview of the order invoice details, including the Billing and Shipping addresses and contact person. Prior to order shipment, there is an estimated invoice value. After the order is shipped, the actual invoice number, issue date and value will be visible.

Shipment summary

A shipment summary becomes available after a package is sent out to your address. This includes:

  1. Shipping courier name;
  2. Shipment type (direct shipments from suppliers or single shipment from Molport warehouse)
  3. Tracking number (including a link to real time tracking at the courier’s website)
  4. Packing list (packing data as Excel and SDF files) courier name
Order tracking

Follow your order’s progress with delivery progress reports

We offer insight into the status of your order through its entire journey. The delivery progress report section lists the status of each ordered product and is filterable by: Supplier name | Status (In transit, Shipped, Cancelled, Processing, in Molport warehouse) | Ordered amount | Expected and actual ship date | Invoice number and courier tracking number

Order tracking status

The order tracking service is available to everyone who places an order with us. You can view your detailed order status by logging into your account and registering. Customers using our API databases can also view the status via API.

Order tracking stages
Order received
order has been received, registered and processed by Molport

Compounds processing
compounds are being processed by suppliers (QC, packaging, shipment preparation)

package has been prepared and is waiting for the shipment

In Transit
compounds are in transit from supplier to Molport warehouse

In Molport Warehouse
compounds have been received at Molport warehouse and are waiting for the shipment or additional services

compounds have been received at Molport warehouse and are being re-formatted in customer’s preferred format – re-weighing, sample splitting, DMSO solutions

compounds are shipped out to customer address

number of ordered compounds that cannot be delivered and have been cancelled from the order
Molport Guarantee

If for any reason your delivery does not arrive, is more than 30 days late, or you are not satisfied with the quality we offer a no-questions guarantee. This covers purchases from any seller up to the value of $2000. (Terms and conditions apply). We pride ourselves on our quality control – if you have any concerns about products being different to what was ordered or not of a satisfactory quality please contact us straight away.

Quality you can rely on
– or your money back

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