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There are hundreds of chemical suppliers in our chemical supplier directory. We are constantly upgrading and regenerating our chemical supplier database. If you are a chemical supplier and would like to be listed in our directory then please, follow these instructions or contact us using provided form or directly via e-mail.

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1. CF Plus Chemicals , Czech Republic
CF Plus Chemicals is an ETH Zurich spin-off founded in 2014 focusing on life science applications of fluoroorganic chemistry. In medicinal chemistry of small molecules, we offer a palette of fluorinated building blocks and reagents, such as hypervalent iodine-fluoroalkyl reagents, fluorinated silanes, sulfonyl fluorides and fluorinated azides, helping our customers to unlock new, hitherto unexplored chemical space in drug design.Besides our portfolio in medicinal chemistry, we offer a wide variety of protein crosslinkers for bioconjugation and mass-spectrometry based proteomics. More...
2. Essence Line LLC , Czech Republic
Our main target is delivering innovative expertise and valuable services to our customers in a just-in-time manner or even ahead of their pronounced requirement. The challenging goals are attended and highly appreciated by our expert and reliable team familiar with the contemporary theoretical and industrial chemistry and instrumental analysis always assuring environment-friendly processes. The company is determined and ready to take up inquiries and keen to become your key partner in analysis, medical diagnostics, chemical processes, manufacturing, literature research and other. More...
3. Mir Biotech , Czech Republic
Mir Biotech is a small company selling laboratory reagents and equipment and providing consolidation and logistics services for the customers in Europe, CIS and around the world. We are located in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, and speak English, Russian and Czech. More...

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