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1. AZASYNTH , France
Azasynth is a private and independent company founded in 2006 with office and lab in Montpellier (France). Our company is specialised in the development of innovative heterocyclic building blocks and libraries. Our products are intended for the research laboratories of industries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and agrochemical areas. Our mission is to offer a range of products and services to our customers for accelerating their drug discovery projects. In our catalog containing a range of new heterocyclic building blocks which belong to different heterocyclic cores such as pyrrole, azaindole or quinoline, you'll be sure to find interesting scaffolds for your drug discovery research program. Azasynth also provides its expertise in heterocyclic chemistry for contract research or custom synthesis services to its customers. More...
2. BoroChem , France
Specialised in cryochemistry and "borochemistry", BoroChem designs, develops and manufactures original organoboron molecules (boronic acids, boronic esters, trifluoroborates, ...) for private and public research teams. The pharmaceutical, cosmetical, biotechnological and agrochemical industries are our main customers. BoroChem offers a catalogue of over 300 chemical products, distributed internationally and expanded each month with newly released original products. BoroChem also proposes a set of custom solutions, in particular the design of new organoboron derivatives and custom synthesis services using boronic derivatives. More...
3. Chemstep , France
CHEMSTEP is specialised in the supply of Fine Chemicals of pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Fine Chemicals. Our main business lies in specific range of very fine chemicals like BULDINGS BLOCKS, SCREENING COMPOUNDS, LEAD OPTIMISATION INTERMEDIATES, COMPOUNDS LIBRARIES, METABOLITE SYNTHESIS - Custom Synthesis in quantity of milligrams up to hundreds Kg - Microwave Reactions - Multi Components Reactions (MCRs) - Optimisation of Synthetic Methods - Synthesis of Libraries Compounds - Chemical Processes of Organic Synthesis More...
4. Chemstep (2 weeks) , France
Information for this supplier is not available.
5. Chemstep (made-to-order) , France
Information for this supplier is not available.
6. Epsilon Chimie , France
Born from top University research, Epsilon Chimie disposes of a team of scientists, highly skilled in theory and practice of organic chemistry. Since 1995 the list of manufactured products has been continuously developed, especially through our research on organophosphorus compounds. We offer now more than 500 molecules. Our mission is to fit all your needs in quality, quickness and circonspection. Our services include: Custom Synthesis from gram to kilogram; Contractual research; Multi-Step Synthesis; Structural analysis; Technological survey. More...
7. Isochem , France
ISOCHEM offers exclusive or non exclusive product listings stemming from its basic technologies. Boasting industrial scale expertise in multi-steps chemical synthesis processes, most of which bringing organic chemical reactions into play, ISOCHEM offers its customers its renowned skills in two specific fields: safe implementation of hazardous goods such as phosgene or hydrazines and particularly delicate amino acids and peptide chemistry. More...
8. KaironKem , France
Established in 2004, KaïronKem is a private and independent company specialized in the development of complex organic molecules. Thanks to its strong skills in organic chemistry, KaïronKem implements tricky reagents as well as difficult chemical reactions on a regular basis, in order to bring out the target molecules for its customers with full respect of delay and specifications. More...
9. NeoMPS , France
NeoMPS SA has supplied over 35.000 different products in milligram to gram quantities to the scientific community, acquiring a great deal of expertise in the manufacture of unusual amino acids, peptides and peptide derivatives. Now with two facilities on two different continents: NeoMPS, Inc. in California, USA, and NeoMPS SA in France are united to serve you with separate geographical distributions and complementary capabilities. More...
10. Orgalight , France
Orgalight is a chemical and polymer supplier which has for major activity the synthesis of specials organics chemicals which could find several applications in different area of research like in polymer science, medical and biological research and also in physical and chemical research. An other big part of our work is to make semiconducting polymer for all organic electronics purpose such as the PLED, OTFT technologies and the photovoltaics devices. More...
11. PolyPeptide Group , France
The PolyPeptide Group is committed to total customer satisfaction. With more than 50 years of experience and facilities in five countries, we offer a world of advantages as your "ultimate peptide partner: Extensive expertise in peptide chemistry; Customer-dedicated project teams; Full FDA and EMEA conforming cGMP compliance; Flexible approaches to accomplish your objectives; Innovative solutions to development challenges; Cost-effective large-scale manufacturing; Comprehensive regulatory support; Strong financial position and long-term security of supply. More...
12. Sikemia , France
SiKÉMIA is a French company specialized in the field of materials surface functionalization: glass, metals, alloys, metal oxides. More...
13. Specific Polymers , France
SPECIFIC POLYMERS is a company specialized in the synthesis of polymer additives bearing heteroelements; mainly phosphorus, silicon and fluorine. Our products are intended for research laboratories in surface modifications (glass, metals, metal oxides, nanoparticles, plastics) for applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, metal extraction, concrete, adhesion, anticorrosion, etc. Using our expertise in the field of polymer chemistry, especially in the chemistry of phosphorus, silicon and phosphorus, we propose novel products which are often supplied exclusively by our company. These polymers present physico-chemical properties such as: · Adhesion onto metal, anticorrosion, complexation of heavy metals, fire-proofing · Hydrophoby – Oleophoby – Chemical inertness – Thermal stability Our services including also custom synthesis and contract chemistry provide our specific expertise to support Research programs. More...

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