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There are hundreds of chemical suppliers in our chemical supplier directory. We are constantly upgrading and regenerating our chemical supplier database. If you are a chemical supplier and would like to be listed in our directory then please, follow these instructions or contact us using provided form or directly via e-mail.

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1. EvoBlocks, Ltd. , Hungary
EvoBlocks Ltd. is an international science-based chemical company in Europe. From its headquarters in Hungary, EvoBlocks manages its global activities through a team of highly motivated and talented staff who understand the importance of customer service particularly in responding promptly to and assisting with queries as well as any questions in relation to our products and the services we offer. Our company carries a diverse set of products and services for pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies. EvoBlocks offers synthons, building blocks, fragment-based library and small focused libraries that are optimized for drug discovery using cheminformatics-based design. In addition to being a research chemical supplier specializing in drug candidate intermediates and other organic chemicals. Our facilities and highly-experienced personnel make possible a variety of contract research projects and custom syntheses of biologically active substances. More...
2. InFarmatik Kft , Hungary
InFarmatik - founded in 1994 by Dr. Laszlo Kovacs - offers a continuously growing collection of non-exclusive building blocks, scaffolds and advanced intermediates. Its diverse portfolio includes a wide range of compounds from benzodiazepines through modern TOSMIC building blocks to unique structures. The scaffolds are designed to provide convenient starting materials for drug molecules in therapeutic applications for CNS and oncology and inhibitors zinc coordinating enzymes (MMPs, ADAMs). InFarmatik follows an aggressive synthetic method development strategy employing its proprietary thermal gradient platform. More...
3. Szintekon, Ltd. , Hungary
Our company, Szintekon Co. Ltd., is a small privately held North-Hungarian firm which was founded in 1996 and has been continuously growing since then. Our ltd. has two different main activities: 1. producing chemicals; 2. safety provisions and professional activity. In addition to our advisory and consulting activity, the goal of Szintekon is to produce chemicals for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries and laboratories. More...

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