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When your compound set is large and you need a more global view on the key parameters, use the powerful screening compound List Search tool.

Instead of focusing on each compound individually, choose between several supplier selection algorithms, optimise your budget, and customise filters to select compounds the best way for you.

Pricing options (e.g. maximum price per compound)
Quantity ranges (e.g. required amount, acceptable amount, contingencies)

Lead times

Supplier selection (e.g. select preferred suppliers, order from the fewest)

Purity levels (e.g. required level, acceptable level)

Solubility status and Hazard status flags

Paste SMILES or Molport ID's

Search and order up to 10k compounds at once

Upload SDF File or Text File with SMILES or Molport ID's

Following formats are supported: SDF, TXT.

Samples: SDF File Sample or SMILES File Sample or Molport ID File Sample


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